As for con news, FIYAHCON and BonFIYAH were a blast!

I did not win the IGNYTE Award but I am super happy and honored that I was a finalist. It is so important to me that I was even on that list. The amazing C.L. Clark was the winner with their story “You Perfect, Broken Thing,” published in Uncanny Magazine issue #32, the same issue “My Country Is a Ghost” was in! This issue seriously slaps. The other awesome finalists were Nicasio Andres Reed with “Body, Remember,” Innocent Chizaram Ilo with “Rat and Finch are Friends,” and Congyun ‘Mu Ming’ Gu, translated by Kiera Johnson with “EXPRESS TO BEIJING WEST RAILWAY STATION | 开往西站的特别列车.” Please check out these very talented authors. 

The author with her finalist medal 🙂

I was also a panelist and got to talk about futuristic food with many cool and knowledgable people. Namely: Katherine Denby, Jeannette Ng, Rafeeat Aliyu, and Lavanya Lakshminarayan. I added so many books on my book pile. I seriously need a second lifetime to read everything at this point. 

BonFIYAH had double the programming they had last year! There is so much knowledge in those panels and the FIYAHCON panels, and so many new authors to follow and read. I am saying this because there is a possibility that FIYAHCON and bonFIYAH won’t be returning next year.

It has been such an influential con for me and so many other people that it’s hard to not mourn already. But no matter what happens I will keep following and supporting both the organizers and all the people who participated in one way or another. 

Thank you to the team for all the hard work they have done for the community. Please follow and support them.